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She was sitting in her car, too scared to walk in our door

She drove by seven  times because she was scared to walk in. When she finally got the courage to walk in, she said she was so happy she did, that it wasn't as scary as she thought :)

Lose Fat, Sculpt Lean Muscle & Get Endless Energy

All Fitness Levels

 One of the misconceptions about a gym like ours is that it’s for people who are fit, which is absolutely not the case. In fact, it’s better suited for people who are not because we have that professional coach who’s interacting with them one-on-one in order to get them started safely and efficiently. 

Mature Men & Women

Stretch is more new people to exercise than we are "elite" fit people. Our average age is 47 years of age, and we are 65% Women, and I can guarantee you all of them have body image & self esteem issues just like you. You'll be surrounded by mature, like minded people who are just trying to get healthy, shed some pounds and firm some flabbiness 

A New Approach

When you are part of a supportive community (what we call our “Stretch Fitness Family”) your results are actually increased by 76%. You will stick to it longer, and get better results because you have a fitness support group. Plus, we have rooms full of equipment, to give you variety so you wont get bored, and to push you physically and get you results.​ 

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Gain 24-Hour Access to 3 Large Exercise Rooms:


  • 26 pieces of cardio (Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Stairmasters & Summerside's only Step Mill) so you never have to wait for equipment again
  • New Expansion of Machines, Equipment & Free Weight with Unlimited Help to Get Your Started so you have the help to get started that you deserve
  • Summerside's Largest Fitness Class Schedule All On North America's Safest Fitness Floor so you can finally exercise pain free

Can't Find The Time To Exercise?

 Yes, you can! We offer 30 minute workouts from 6am -7pm every weekday.

We are open 24 hours a day all year round (and all holidays) 

All members get FREE access to Weight Loss Coach Corey to help develop an exercise program you can do (safely) on your own. 

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