Stretch Fitness Membership Renewal

Important Membership Notice (Time Sensitive)


I wanted to take the time to send you this note to thank you for your support over these past months. Without your support we would not be Summerside’s most successful fitness center.  

Just text us back right now with RENEW and we can get you all set up for another term.

Unlike other fitness chains, we don’t automatically renew your membership or swipe key, we need your permission and signature on a banking form first. So your key will shut off if we don’t hear from you.

Do you know you can renew for as little as $24.50+tax/biweekly, or even more with our couples rate? Just text us back and we can tell you all about it!

Your membership enables us to accomplish so much:

  • We employ Summerside's top fitness class instructors who have been with us for 9 years, ensuring you have a consistent 30 hours of classes with instructors you know, like and trust.
  • You’ll get 18 hours of air conditioning so you don’t have to stop in heat of the summer, and we pay one of Summerside’s best to keep us plowed out in the winter time!
  • We’ve recently enhanced your safety and comfort by frosting our front doors.
  • We maintain the upholstery and maintenance on all our exercise equipment, making sure we maintain the standards you have come to appreciate.
  • We offer daily exercise program help sessions you can attend FREE as part of your membership to ask questions, learn new exercises or get “back on track” when you’ve fallen off.
  • We are Summerside’s only fitness centre that allows holds & freezes on your membership so you don’t waste money when you need time away.
  • We invested in our new glute machine, a beautiful tidy boot rack, TRX ropes and benches in 2019 along with continued maintenance and upkeep.
  • We employ a full time cleaner who keeps every room consistently clean & fresh so you’ll hopefully never train in a dingy smelly facility.
  • We offer very affordable 12 month payment plans for $24.50 + tax biweekly.  

Our records show your membership & key will be expiring within 15 days and we did not want you locked out (literally).  

  1. You can call us right now with your credit card and we can get that all setup in about 3 minutes.  
  2. You can text us back with RENEW and we can have the bank form ready for you at the desk.  
  3. Make a 25 minute appointment to go over your membership options and get started on a new exercise program with Corey. Go here to make your appointment:


Corey Arsenault, Owner

Stretch Fitness is Summerside’s 30 minute Exercise & Weight Loss Centre