Gym For Kids - March 18-22

Introduction to Weight Training & Exercise for Boys & Girls


All the stuff I wish I knew when I was 14!


Weight gain and unhealthy living get worse after high school when sports and gym class are no longer a daily required part of a students day. Exercising in a gym is now the long term answer to weight management & health. 

This program is designed for Junior High and High School (Ages 12-17) Boys and Girls. It is not designed for only 'athletic' children, but rather all children who may have shown an interest in weight training in a home or school gym.

What is this program all about?

Introduction to the weight room machines, dumbells, and cardio pieces, basically giving you all the info I wish I knew when I started in my basement and the Three Oaks weight room in Grade 10. Program runs Monday March 18 - Friday March 22 at 11am for 60 minutes.

Day 1: Intro to Weight Room / The Back Muscles/ Stretch & Training / Intro to Cardio Room
11am 60 minutes, Smoothie for lunch

Day 2: The Shoulders & Triceps, Stetching and Training / Interval Cardio on a Spin Bike
11am 60minutes, Smoothie for lunch

Day 3: The Legs, Stretching and Training  /  Body weight Cardio Intervals
11am 60 minutes,  Smoothie for lunch

Day 4: The Chest & Biceps, Stretcing and Training / 3 MinuteCardio Finishers

 11am 60 minutes,  Smoothie for lunch

Day 5:  Abs & Cardio / Final question & answer session
11am  60 minutes:   Smoothie for lunch

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Who Can Attend:
Mature Children, aged 11-17

What is Required Each Day: 
Clean indoor sneakers required, proper gym clothes and "good hygiene" 

What will my child receive

  • PDF & hardcopy of each workout.
  • Smoothie included each day at end of workout
  • Learn and become comfortable with: Gym Etiquette, Gym Hygiene, Proper Lifting Techniques & Form 
  • Explanation of rep ranges and training goals including: Getting Stronger, Body Toning for Boys & Girls, Muscle Endurance for Sports, Importance of weight training & cardio in toning, weight management for life.
  • After completion of the program the child is invited to continue to exercise in the mornings (independently) but with one of our coaches in the building. This monthly membership is $40.00



 Your Child will Exercise with Corey Arsenault:  

  • 25 years Certified Fitness & Weight Loss Coach, 
  • Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Summerside Storm and Summerside Western Capitals
  • 8-Time Atlantic Bodybuilding Champion
  • Owner, Stretch Fitness
  • Husband to Michelle, Father to 13 year old Rachael


At the end of each session we stop for a healthy fresh fruit smoothie to help our muscles recover and replenish for the next day.


 Spaces are limited &  registration is open now for March Break. Open to Stretch Members & Non Members Children.  


Stretch Fitness, 476 Central Street, Summerside PEI , C1N 3N7 (902) 7

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Day One

 Day 1 in our Gym for Kids program finished up. 6 boys and 4 girls have joined us for the week. On Monday we went over general themes like sets and reps, gym etiquette like sharing equipment, putting our weights away and personal hygiene (ie not being the smelly kid lol). Our workout focus was the back muscles (pull-ups, rows, pull downs) along with an intro to steady state cardio. 


Day Two

 Tuesday we focused on shoulders (press overhead, side, front and rear raises) along with a 7 minute blast of interval cardio.  


Day Three

Wednesday is traditionally our leg day as it gives a mid week break for the upper body which was worked the first two days. Today we focused on leg press lifting from 45lbs to 275 lbs, lunges, deadlifts, squats and leg curls. no cardio today as we rest the legs after leg training.


Day 4

Day 4 in our Gym for Kids program now wrapped up. Day 4 was biceps and triceps with interval body weight cardio in the classroom (our famous 3 minute song finishers) 


Day 5

 Day 5 finished up with stomach and glutes (bum). We performed planks, bicycles, donkey kicks and hip extensions ( which got a lot of laughs!)