Gym For Kids - July 16-20

Introduction to Weight Training & Exercise for Boys & Girls

All the stuff I wish I knew when I was 14!

Weight gain and unhealthy living get worse after high school when sports and gym class are no longer a daily required part of a students day. Exercising in a gym is now the long term answer to weight management & health. 

This program is designed for Junior High and High School (Ages 12-17) Boys and Girls. It is not designed for only 'athletic' children, but rather all children who may have shown an interest in weight training in a home or school gym.

What is this program all about?

Introduction to the weight room machines, dumbells, and cardio pieces, basically giving you all the info I wish I knew when I started in my basement and the Three Oaks weight room in Grade 10. Program runs Monday July 16 - Friday July 20th at 11am for 60 minutes.

Day 1: Intro to Weight Room / The Back Muscles/ Stretch & Training / Intro to Cardio Room

11am 60 minutes, Smoothie for lunch

Day 2: The Shoulders & Triceps, Stetching and Training / Interval Cardio on a Spin Bike

11am 60minutes, Smoothie for lunch

Day 3: The Legs, Stretching and Training  /  Body weight Cardio Intervals

11am 60 minutes,  Smoothie for lunch

Day 4: The Chest & Biceps, Stretcing and Training / 3 MinuteCardio Finishers

Day 5:  Abs & Cardio / Final question & answer session

11am  60 minutes:   Smoothie for lunch

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Who Can Attend:

Mature Children in Junior High and High School, aged 11-17

What is Required Each Day: 
Clean indoor sneakers required, proper gym clothes and "good hygiene" 

What will my child receive

  • PDF & hardcopy of each workout emailed to each participant.
  • Smoothie included each day at end of workout
  • Learn and become comfortable with: Gym Etiquette, Gym Hygiene, Proper Lifting Techniques & Form
  • Explanation of rep ranges and training goals including: Getting Stronger, Body Toning for Boys & Girls, Muscle Endurance for Sports, Importance of weight training & cardio in toning, weight management for life.


 Your Child will Exercise with Corey Arsenault:  

  • 23 years Certified Fitness & Weight Loss Coach, 
  • Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Summerside Storm and Summerside Western Capitals
  • 8-Time Atlantic Bodybuilding Champion
  • Owner, Stretch Fitness
  • Husband to Michelle, Father to 12 year old Rachael

At the end of each session we stop for a healthy fresh fruit smoothie to help our muscles recover and replenish for the next day.

 Spaces are limited &  registration is open now for Monday July 16th-20th. Open to Stretch Members & Non Members Children.  


Stretch Fitness, 476 Central Street, Summerside PEI , C1N 3N7 (902) 724-3550