Feel Great And Celebrate in Only 30 Days!

Your Last Chance This Summer Starts Monday July 9th


ONLY 30 days from now you could be several pounds lighter, tighter and toned, full of energy to enjoy summer, and feeling great about yourself.

Doesn't that sound better than struggling all on your own trying crash diets, random workouts at inconvenient times and basement videos that get you nowhere?

Hurry, Before All The Spaces Are FIlled!

30 Days Starts Monday July 9th

 Get 30-Days of Stretch Fitness  Slimdown Weight Loss Program For All Fitness Levels right here in Summerside.

Join our 30-Minute Muscle Toning and Fat Loss Workouts and Fat Loss Nutrition Plans for Just $59 by joining our 30 Day Hot Body Burn Program Starting Monday July 9th

WARNING: Our short-term challenge programs always sell out fast and our long-term fitness memberships hover on full capacity leaving us little room for new clients this time of year, so please only register if you are looking to bring a positive attitude and make a positive change in your lifestyle :)

Yes it is possible to get a leaner, more toned body in just 3o Days,!  The 30 Day Hot Body Burn is YOUR opportunity to drop excess pounds, build lean, shapely muscle tone, and add an extra kick of confidence to your step this summer.  

The new 30 Day program is 30 days of our rave-reviewed high energy group fat loss workouts and nutrition coaching support for all fitness levels.  It’s also a new body-burning body-slimming system with different daily workouts and proven but practical no starving nutrition plan.

Get a tighter tummy, leaner legs, and shapely shoulders and arms, so you can feel great in those summer shorts and tiny tank tops.  

At Stretch Fitness you get a professionally designed group personal training experience in a small motivating group environment that's modern and clean, and training coaches that motivate and challenge you, but cater to your personal fitness level every single workout, 

 You’re going to do 30 minute workouts (at your own pace) designed to make your body burn fat even when you go home and go to sleep!   

You're going to get a free 30-minute nutrition and goal setting consultation and follow a proven and practical nutrition plan where you DON’T have to starve yourself and you DO still get to have your favorite foods on the weekends!  

You’re going to work with a bunch of like minded clients (our Fit Body family) who all want you to succeed!  

Sound good?   We take the guesswork out of your workout routine and make eating easy again.

 Our 30-Day BodyBurn, will get you leaner legs and a tighter tummy,  you will become fitter and stronger, and we’ll show you how to keep challenging yourself so you’ll never get bored.

We will hold you accountable every step of the way with a full body composition tracking assessment of your weight, bodyfat percentage and total body measurements. 

 Summer is here so this is your LAST CHANCE to make a change before it's too late to skyrocket your energy and confidence higher than ever! 

One 30-minute BodyBurn workout combines resistance training, cardio and core all in one. (without wasting an hour or more in the gym. 

 If you are a new first time client this year, all you have to do is register by clicking the "I'm Ready" button to get one of the 8 limited spots available and we will help you every step of the way :)  

Oh and due to the limited spots, the first 8 action takers gets 60% off regular prices so this unlimited workout and nutrition coaching program, is just $59.  

 Part of the reason our clients get such great results is because we coach and motivate you on exercise and nutrition, hold you accountable and track your results along the way.  Our risk free short-term programs are at a fraction of the cost of any long term commitments, with no sign up or cancel fees, so we want you to jump right in and see the difference between what we do and all those other things that have failed you. 

Make sense?  That's why we only have room for 8 new people to try our program this month with our new 30-Day Hot BodyBurn body shaping program    

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  1.  You have little to no time for yourself to get in shape with work and family. 
  2. You have trouble sticking to a fitness routine that doesn't fit your schedule. 
  3. You hate working out for hours in a big gym without direction and no results. 
  4. You hate training alongside young fitness fanatics or fit athletes. 
  5. You simply lack the motivation and accountability to get in  shape.

See, Stretch Fitness Boot Camp workouts are designed for busy parents and professionals (of all fitness levels) and burn twice the fat in half the time of other workouts because of our professional program design and the BodyBurn effect. 

This means you not only burn more fat in half the time with our workouts…you also tone and shape your body with our unique MRT (Metabolic Resistance Training and Cardio Core Slimming Systems) all while you continue to burn more fat and calories for up to 42 hours after your workout thanks to the “Afterburn effect”.

The “secret” to faster fat loss is in how we train you and our unique Interval Finisher Training. We are not just another "fitness class". We are in a class of our own at Stretch with our unique and time efficient 30-minute workouts offered many times a day (over 30 times a week!), our motivating accountability coaches, monthly body composition tracking and certified nutrition weight loss consulting.


Stretch Fitness Summerside, offers 30-minute workout sessions 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) with up to 7 convenient workout times each weekday! 6:00 AM, 8:00AM, 9:00AM,  12:15pm, 3:40pm, 4:15pm and Saturday  mornings at 10:00AM. 

So we’ve got a workout time that will fit your schedule and you get UNLIMITED ACCESS!   (not like other fitness classes offered just a few days a week or for 45-60 minutes) And since the workouts are only 30 minutes long, you can be in and out in no time!

This special 30 Day Hot BodyBurn program is only available for a limited time to new first time clients (Offer expires Sunday or until all 8 spots are sold out) so make sure to register by clicking the "I'm Ready" button below and reserve your spot today as they go fast, and start getting fit and burning fat fast before summer!

All at a 60% off discount for this week only! Just $59. 

Simply claim your spot and 60% off discount by registering below. You'll then be contacted to confirm your spot and given all the information you need to get started Monday July 9th with your 30 Day Hot BodyBurn at Stretch Fitness.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Together with my awesome team of high energy and friendly certified coaches we are here to give you, your best body before summer in the next 30 days. Guaranteed! 

Yep we offer a 30 Day RESULTS GUARANTEE, with no sign up fees, no cancel feels or any required long-term commitments. 

So you Have ZERO risk and nothing to lose but the winter weight and your Best body before summer in the next 30 days


 30-Minute Workout Times:

- 6:00am Monday to Friday

- 8:00am Monday to Friday
- 9:00am Monday to Friday
- 12:15pm Monday to Friday

- 3:40pm Monday to Friday
- 4:15pm Monday to Friday
- 4:50pm Monday to Thursday

- 10:00am Saturday
- 24 Hour Access